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Dealing with chronic pain is frustrating for all involved. Patients, their family members, medical professionals, employers, and insurance companies often feel frustrated when an array of traditional treatments and medications have been unable to restore function and return the patient to productive and meaningful activities. The patients physical function is limited, which leads to inactivity, which leads to a loss of strength and further physical atrophy. This leads to feelings of depression, anxiety and anger. These feelings, in turn, lead to a sense of suffering and disability, which leads to even more inactivity, and eventually leads to disconnection from society. All parties feel overwhelmed and confused about what actions to take to stop the cycle of chronic pain.

The Pain Solutions Center of San Diego helps restore goals and rebuild confidence for those dealing with chronic pain.

The Pain Solutions Center of San Diego provides an interdisciplinary approach to the management and treatment of chronic pain. Our mission is to educate and empower individuals with persistent pain to move beyond pain management to regain control over their pain and their lives. We are passionate about helping individuals restore function for daily activities and reclaim an active and productive lifestyle.

The success of our treatment lies in our Functional Restoration Program (FRP). Functional Restoration is an interdisciplinary therapeutic strategy that seeks to treat the whole person, not just the injury or the pain. This comprehensive approach coordinates treatment from a team of health professionals, and involves individuals suffering from chronic pain as active participants in the recovery process. Participants in the Functional Restoration Program at the Pain Solutions Center of San Diego become educated and committed team members who take responsibility for regaining function, improving their quality of life, and returning to productive activities.

The Pain Solutions Center of San Diego works closely with a variety of groups to provide quality care for those suffering from persistent pain: