Pain Solutions Center of San Diego

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About Us

The Pain Solutions Center of San Diego was established to provide the highest quality care for individuals living with chronic or persistent pain. Working with individuals, physicians, insurance adjustors and worker's compensation attorneys, the Pain Solutions Center provides quality care through its Functional Restoration Program, a structured treatment plan that is solution focused and outcome-driven.

The Functional Restoration Program (FRP) is a holistic approach to treatment, focusing on treating the whole person, not merely treating the pain or injury. FRP is an innovative interdisciplinary treatment model, combining intensive physical therapy with movement instruction, relaxation training, individual counseling, and personalized health and nutrition coaching to achieve improved function and wellness. This balanced treatment approach is collaborative in nature, focusing on a team of health professionals working in concert.

As a key member of the team and an active partner in the treatment process, each participant takes responsibility for his or her own recovery. The Functional Restoration Program provides participants with both skills and the motivation to move beyond pain management and into improved function and wellness. Participants in the program work toward agreed-upon goals and measurable outcomes, including improved function in daily activities and a faster return to a productive lifestyle, whether at home or work.