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Many of your worker's comp clients are stuck in a never-ending cycle of chronic pain. They have tried multiple treatments which have proved ineffective, and they are confused and overwhelmed. The Functional Restoration Program (FRP) at Pain Solutions Center of San Diego provides a clear path out of the confusing web of conflicting opinions and ineffective treatment options for patients with chronic pain.

The Functional Restoration Program follows the MTUS Chronic Pain Medical Treatment Guidelines, which state that interdisciplinary modalities are superior in treating complex cases of chronic pain. FRP is an innovative care model that uses a whole person approach combining physical therapy, counseling, movement instruction, yoga, relaxation training, and individualized coaching in areas such as health and nutrition to achieve profound results.

Since FRP approaches care from a broad perspective that coordinates multiple disciplines, results are more effective than traditional, stand-alone treatments. This remarkable program is outcome-driven and solution focused, helping participants optimize functionality, reduce pain, minimize reliance on medical treatments and medication, and return to a productive life. FRP can help your clients move from a disability mindset to a mindset of health and wellness.

At the Pain Solutions Center of San Diego, we understand that you must have clear and timely communication in order to best serve your clients. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the Worker's Compensation arena, and will provide comprehensive reports and status updates regarding your client's progress in the program.

Please call us at 619-941-2377 to discuss how our Functional Restoration Program can help your clients take control of their pain and return to productivity at home or work.