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Help your injured workers improve function, get back to meaningful, productive activities and return to work as quickly as possible. The Functional Restoration Program (FRP) at Pain Solutions Center of San Diego provides a clear path out of the confusing web of conflicting opinions and ineffective treatment options for patients with chronic pain. FRP supports participants in moving from a disability mindset to a mindset of health and wellness, which in turn becomes a powerful motivator to return to work.

Since we use a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach to patient care, we focus on treating the whole person, not just treating the injury or the pain. This holistic approach helps create sustainable results that patients can continue on their own. This helps minimize the sense of suffering and feelings of depression, anxiety, hopelessness that so often go hand in hand with chronic pain.

Patients in FRP also become active participants in their own treatment, not only participating in physical therapy, but also learning coping skills for pain management, relaxation techniques, yoga, and The Alexander Technique for movement. Program participants also receive cognitive behavioral therapy, health coaching and nutritional education. This comprehensive and active treatment approach optimizes physical function, empowers patients to feel in control of their pain, and leads to the confidence needed to return to a productive lifestyle.

Patients you refer will receive quality care from a collaborative team of health care professionals, educators and mind-body experts. And because adjustors and worker's comp case managers are treated as members of the team, you will be kept up to date on the participant's progress in the program. We pride ourselves on providing excellent communication and timely responsiveness to all parties involved.

Call us at 619-941-2377 to discuss how our Functional Restoration Program can be the answer you've been seeking for your difficult-to-treat worker's comp patients. We look forward to partnering with you for success.