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A message from Dr. Joel Mata...

CLINIC-296By the time patients arrive at Pain Solutions of San Diego, they have often tried multiple treatments including injections, physical therapy, psychological and medications in an attempt to eliminate the pain. The traditional biomedical model focuses on curing the underlying disease process. While this method has been proven effective in the vast majority of patients with a wide variety of pathology, it falls short in the treatment of chronic pain. It is common to see what may have started as relatively simple problem of muscle strain spiral out of control despite our best efforts to treat it. Extenuating circumstances may include perceived injustice, hyper vigilance on a cure, loss of job, environmental instability, depression and anxiety.  For whatever the reason, these cases continue to grow in their complexity.

At the Pain Solutions Center of San Diego, our focus moves away from "curing" chronic pain to managing chronic pain. We examine prior treatments and educate our patients on their effectiveness. We redefine success in terms of functional improvement and focus on shifting expectations. Our goal is to improve our patient's wellbeing and feelings of control by empowering the patient to understand the chronic nature of their disease and learn more effective management techniques.

We focus on an active learning environment and move away from passive treatments as much as possible, thereby strengthening our participants perception of control over what can seem like an uncontrollable situation.  Over the many years I have been participating in this kind of medicine, I have witnessed astonishing transformations across a wide variety of patients. I welcome the opportunity to be an active partner in the care of your patient.

~ Joel Mata, M.D.
Medical Director

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