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Success Stories

I learned so much through the Functional Restoration Program at the Pain Solutions Center of San Diego. Because of my pain, I just wanted to lie down and rest, but now I know that will only make my condition worse. The team taught me how to work with my body even though I may have pain. I learned how to work with my pain and watch my limitations. I learned how to eat healthy by buying better quality foods, why I need to eat more vegetables, and when buying bread, to look for whole grains. I also learned why it is important to eat breakfast every morning and why I should not eat a big dinner late at night. I learned how stress and anger can affect my pain and how to recognize things that my trigger my stress. Now I know how to relax my body, how to listen to my body, and most importantly, how to love my body. This program has changed my life!
— San Diego County Participant
The part of the Functional Restoration Program at liked best was the staff. Everyone at the Pain Solutions Center was friendly and it was obvious that they really care. The staff was always helpful and kind. Since completing the program, I am much more flexible and my legs are stronger. I can go down the stairs without feeling unstable. My upper body is much stronger, too. When I walk, I can go up and down hills without feeling as if I am going to fall. I have also improved my eating habits, especially regarding snacks and drinking less soda. I am working on increasing my veggies, too. Studying the Alexander Technique helped me to have less strain and tension in my neck. The cognitive behavioral therapy helped me to not stress so much over things I can't do anything about. Thank you for helping me feel strong and healthy again!
— San Diego County Participant
I really liked working with Kimberly. I benefited the most from her teachings of the Alexander Technique. I now know how to sit correctly at work and in my truck. I can also walk without my cane for longer periods of time. I can now get in and out of my bathtub without assistance from my family, which is a great improvement for me. The nutritional classes have made me more aware of my eating habits and how they affect my health. I am eating smaller portions now and less fast food. The yoga class helped me pay more attention to my breath instead of my pain. I benefited from the relaxation techniques that were taught. This has significantly reduced my pain. I am also more aware about how my thoughts can affect my pain.
  — Carlos Sanchez, San Diego County Participant
“I personally had an enjoyable experience with the FRP program. The part I liked most about the program was the education part. I now have a new awareness about my pain, and I am much more educated on how my pain works. All the courses expanded my knowledge and strength, and helped me understand how powerful our minds are in reference to pain in our bodies. The program helped me learn how to function with my pain in everyday life activities and chores around the house. The cognitive behavioral therapy brought the greatest improvement in my daily life. I now have the answers and the awareness to react to the many phases of life that we encounter with pain. I also gained a new found respect for the Alexander Technique. I came here not knowing what the Alexander Technique was, but now I have a lot of knowledge about this much needed program. My awareness of space, along with forward and over the top motion and balance, has really helped me. This is a wonderful program, and I am using what I learned every day. I also really benefitted from the physical therapy portion of the program. If I was at home, I probably wouldn’t have been disciplined or educated to gain such strength in so many areas of my body. I’m now using muscles I thought I never had!”
  — Dwight W., San Diego County Participant

“Through the FRP program at the Pain Solutions Center of San Diego, I learned strategies for conflict resolution, problem solving, stress management, and ways to manage family issues through communication. The psychology class was my favorite, and I also enjoyed learning the relaxation techniques. Thanks to the Alexander Technique, I am now able to sit and get up from the floor. I have improved my posture, I have less muscle tension, and I am walking more comfortably. The physical therapy exercises greatly improved my ability to use my wrists. I now have increased flexibility in my wrists and hands, greater strength in my hands and arms, and less pain. The FRP program has helped me be able to do many everyday activities, such as mopping, sweeping, cleaning the bathroom and carrying heavier items like groceries. I am also able to flip food in the pan. Best of all, I am now able to spend more time with my family and friends. I have improved confidence and problem solving skills. I am better able to handle stress without depression. I am now able to face my problems rather than avoiding them or isolating myself.”

— Fernando C., San Diego County Participant

“The FRP classes have helped me to be a more positive person, and not be so hard on myself. My favorite parts of the program were the meditation and breathing exercises. The physical therapy was also very good. It encouraged me to do my best, and to exercise more. The skills I learned in the cognitive behavioral therapy will be there for me every day, whenever I need them. The Alexander Technique was wonderful because it helped me to understand how my body moves. Everyone at the Pain Solutions Center of San Diego is very professional, and I can’t think of any suggestions to improve. I liked everything about the program!”
— Rosalia P., San Diego County Participant
“The thing I liked most about the FRP program at the Pain Solutions Center was that everyone was so nice. All the classes were very interesting to me, and I gained a lot from each class. The physical therapy helped me to get stronger in areas that I wouldn’t have challenged myself in because I was afraid of injuring myself.  I am now able to do so many more daily activities now that I have completed the program. Thank you very much! The Alexander Technique was new to me, but I am improving and I do feel different and taller.   The cognitive behavioral therapy has given me a lifetime treat to better living my life in a more calm way. I learned coping skills and most importantly, patience. Thanks for opening a program that is designed to help me get better! I hope I can come back in the near future and give a personal testimony to new comers just starting the FRP program. ”

— Tina C., San Diego County Participant

“The FRP program has helped me be able to cope better with life. The cognitive behavioral therapy taught me ways to deal with depression, anxiety and stress. I also learned how to face my problems in life. The Alexander Technique taught me how to properly sit in a chair, how to get up, techniques to get in and out of bed, and all about my spine controls. The physical therapy class taught me how to pace myself and do as much as I can, little by little. It also helped to strengthen me. I learned exercises and stretching, and am working to get my functional skills back.  I learned how the muscles around the injury work to protect the injury, and that they must be used or they will tighten up. Everyone at the Pain Solutions Center of San Diego was great. They work hard, are patient, and really gave me a new understanding about my body. I am really applying what I learned.
  — San Diego County Participant