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What is FRP

CLINIC-273The Pain Solutions Center's Functional Restoration Program (FRP) is a comprehensive, interdisciplinary approach to pain management and rehabilitation. This innovative care model uses a whole person approach combining physical therapy, counseling, movement instruction, yoga, relaxation training, and individualized coaching in areas such as health and nutrition to achieve profound results.

Since FRP approaches care from a broad perspective that coordinates multiple disciplines, results are more effective than traditional, stand-alone treatments. This remarkable program is outcome-driven and solution focused, helping participants optimize functionality, reduce pain, minimize reliance on medical treatments and medication, and return to a productive life.

The Functional Restoration Program is a remarkable and innovative treatment model that seeks to provide the following profound results:

  • Improved function for daily activities
  • Increased fitness, strength, balance and flexibility
  • Increased confidence and independence
  • Increased feelings of emotional well-being
  • Reduced sense of suffering
  • Decreased feelings of depression, hopelessness, anger and worry associated with chronic pain and loss of function
  • Decreased likelihood of injury recurrence
  • Improved pain-coping skills
  • Reduced reliance on medication
  • Reduced reliance on medical treatments
  • Improved wellness through lifestyle and nutritional choices
  • Quicker return to an active and productive life, whether at home or at work
  • Sustainable results that participants are able to maintain

While the Functional Restoration Program cannot eliminate pain, the focus of the program is on improving the individual's quality of life while coping with chronic pain. FRP helps participants increase physical function, improve emotional well being, regain confidence and reclaim an active, productive lifestyle.

FRP is a collaborative and active approach to therapy, where each participant becomes a key element of the treatment. Unlike other passive modalities, where treatments are done to the patient, the Functional Restoration Program takes an active approach, encouraging individuals to take responsibility for his or her recovery.

Participants in the Functional Restoration Program are just participants in their own treatment. It is this active approach that helps retrain the brain and the body to reduce fear, restore confidence, increase pain coping skills and improve function for meaningful activities. Through the Functional Restoration Program, participants are able to move from the mindset of disability to a mindset of functionality and wellness.

Through education and coaching, each participant becomes a committed and responsible partner in the treatment process. As they work alongside a team of doctors, physical therapists, counselors and coaches, participants begin to take responsibility and ownership of their recovery. By educating participants in areas such as health, nutrition, movement, relaxation and stress reduction, the Functional Restoration Program leads to more effective and sustainable outcomes.

The Functional Restoration Program empowers participants to control their pain, not be controlled by it. Participants who complete the Functional Restoration Program at Pain Solutions Center of San Diego experience increased function and improved confidence that leads to a freedom and independence many thought they would never experience again. The goal of the FRP is to optimize functionality so participants can engage in meaningful activities and return to a productive lifestyle.